staking outTo establish personal projects, you can have recourse, on several occasions, to the services offered by Richard Breault’s land surveying practice.


Site certificate

When the construction of your new house (or garage) necessitates a construction permit, the municipality will require a site implementation project plan to verify that the location of the future construction on the land will be in conformity with municipal laws. Once this verification is done, a site implementation certificate will be issued by Richard Breault’s land surveying practice.


Localization certificate

For the purchase or sale of your house, a localization certificate is usually necessary. Whether you are the buyer or the seller, during a real estate transaction, a localization certificate can be required, either by the guarantor, the notary, the lawyer, the real estate agent, the evaluator or the municipality.

The localization certificate is a document comprising a summary report and a blueprint with which the land surveying study of Richard Breault’s expresses it’s professional opinion on the location of the real estate on the property. This document is private and under no circumstances can be used to establish property limits.

The blueprint lets you depict the shape, the dimensions, the surface area of the property, the location of the buildings and the services provided amongst others.


Technical description

During your real estate transactions, a technical description of your land may be required. The technical description identifies the borders of the land and it’s surface area. It comes with a blueprint. This description is required for precise needs such as the location of municipal infrastructure services, the delimitations of the agricultural zone or pertaining to some agreements made before the real estate transactions.


Land surveying

boundary markingYou own or would like to acquire a large property like agricultural land, a tree harvesting wooded area or as a hunting ground. Richard Breault’s land surveying office will be able to let you know the physical delimitations of your land.


Staking out

Staking out land surveying markers on your property is one way you can know the exact dimensions of your land and the ends of your property. Staking out is accompanied by the generation of a staking certificate in the form of a blueprint, prepared for you. The drawing mentions your name, the date of the work, as well as the date that the staking out took place and shows the markers installed.


Staking out or boundary marking

As a land owner, there are two ways to know its delimitations, either by boundary marking or by staking out. The professionals at Richard Breault’s land surveying office are qualified to carry out both operations. In both cases, these steps will permit you to know exactly the legal limits of your property.

Here are a few notes on the difference between the two approaches:

Staking out is the end result of the work of a land surveyor for the benefit of a single land owner, whereas boundary marking is a legal procedure implying two adjacent land owners. Boundary marking is official, final and permanent.

An expert in land surveying such as Richard Breault will analyze your needs and will counsel you on the best solution for your needs, whether it be staking out or boundary marking.


Staking out

Richard Breault' land surveyor study can carry out the staking out of the limits of your property and provide an opinion about the location of the limits of your property or of the municipal infrastructure services.

After analysis of the location with different research documents, the land surveyor will precisely delineate your property with stakes (or other such markers according to the nature of the "land")

In the case of land limits that could cause litigation between neighbours, boundary marking is the operation required by law since the procedure implies both property owners neighbouring the limit.


Boundary marking

Richard Breault’s practice of experts in land surveying is qualified to proceed with the boundary marking of a property to establish its limits. The act of marking the boundaries of a piece of land incurs recognition of the limits of the land permanently, finally and irrevocably (without recourse).

Most of the time, boundary marking is done in an agreement between the neighbouring land owners, without formalities or other procedures. The land surveyor will write up the minutes according to the wish of the parties and install the markers which become the official boundary markers.


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