To undertake housing projects, you can make use of Richard Breault’s land surveying services on several occasions.


Cadastral plan

Richard Breault’s practice of expert land surveyors is qualified to carry out a cadastral legal drawing. This document represents one or several lots positioned in relation to the other neighbouring lots. On this drawing is found the identification of each lot with a distinct number, it’s shape, it’s dimensions and it’s surface area. When the land surveyor makes a cadastral drawing of a piece of land, he creates a record which is used to publish the deeds of ownership (publishing the deed) and therefore protecting the rights of the owner.


Subdivision – housing development

The owner or developer wishing to define the number of lots and the length of the streets, identify the constraint zones, green spaces and parks will use Richard Breault’s land surveying office’s services to make an overview plan of the sector to develop. This plan precedes the cadastral plan. It’s made taking into account the zoning laws in place relative to the surface area of the lots in the sector. The planned subdivision fits harmoniously in the development of the specified territory to prevent disorderly urban expansion. It’s used as a work document and a presentation document for various stakeholders involved in the project.

marker installation-propertyWhen a new housing development is announced, Richard Breault’s practice of expert land surveyors is one of the first contributors to be consulted. They must first determine the boundaries of the land to be developed and prepare a development project taking into account municipal laws, bodies of water and existing municipal infrastructure services.  Their drawing will then be submitted to the municipal authorities to get their final approval.


Marker installation

The marker installation on your property is one of the methods at your disposal to know the size of your land and the delimitations of your property. The marker installation is accompanied by the generation of a staking out certificate in the form of a blueprint. This drawing will include your name, the date of when the staking out was done and show the position of the markers installed.


Staking out

Richard Breault' land surveyor study can carry out the staking out of the limits of your property and provide an opinion about the location of the limits of your property or of the municipal infrastructure services.

After analysis of the location with different research documents, the land surveyor will precisely delineate your property with stakes (or other such markers according to the nature of the "land")

In the case of land limits that could cause litigation between neighbours, boundary marking is the operation required by law since the procedure implies both property owners neighbouring the limit.


Boundary marking

Richard Breault’s practice of experts in land surveying is qualified to proceed with the boundary marking of a property to establish its limits. The act of marking the boundaries of a piece of land incurs recognition of the limits of the land permanently, finally and irrevocably (without recourse).

Most of the time, boundary marking is done in an agreement between the neighbouring land owners, without formalities or other procedures. The land surveyor will write up the minutes according to the wish of the parties and install the markers which become the official boundary markers.

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