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Richard Breault- Land surveying at Rawdon


richardbreault-land surveying-rawdonRichard Breault’s land surveying office in Lanaudière is comprised of surveying professionals and land cartography masters.

They are specialists in metering and land ownership laws.

Richard Breault’s land surveying practice in Rawdon offers all legal surveying services related to this profession such as: subdivision, site implementation, localization certificates, staking out, boundary marking, technical description and land surveying.

The practice’s professionals will be the experts who will analyze the property deeds and examine the boundaries to counsel you well.

In Lanaudière, the expertise of this team of land rights professionals is also recognized for large cadastral licensing, road infrastructures' data collecting, volumetric analysis, photogrammetry and housing development planning.

3664, rue Queen . Rawdon, Qc . J0K 1S0
Tél.: 450 834-1299 .

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